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The Pataca (MOP) is Macao’s official currency. The Pataca is linked to the Hong Kong dollar (HKD). The exchange rate is MOP$103.20 = HK$100.00. Roughly 8 Patacas is equivalent to 1 US Dollar.


Macau has a fairly warm tropical climate. Autumn (October – December) is the most pleasant season. Days are sunny and warm and humidity levels are low. Winter (January – March) is cold but sunny. In April humidity increases and from May to September the climate becomes hot, humid and rainy with occasional tropical storms (typhoons).


Electricity in Macao is 220V, 50Hz. The power plugs used in Macao are of the three-pin, square-shaped (British) type.


Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages, Cantonese being most widely spoken. The official languages are used in government departments in all official documents and communications. English is generally used in trade, tourism and commerce.


The total population is estimated at around 562,900. About 94% are ethnic Chinese, from different provinces, namely Guangdong and Fujian. The remaining 6% includes Portuguese, European and other nationalities.

Tax requirements for foreign congress organizers

There is no tax on conferences and exhibitions in Macao.
For more information, visit http://www.dsf.gov.mo


Macao is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and does not practice Daylight Savings Time.


Macao operates modern air-conditioned buses that connect Macao Peninsula with the island of Taipa/Cotai/Coloane. The average bus fare is 3.2 MOP (0.40USD) depending on the distance travelled. Most hotels operate their own fleet of complimentary shuttle bus service between the hotels, the ferry terminals, Macau International Airport and mainland China border gates.

All taxis are licensed metered taxis.

Cotai Strip Macao operates the largest fleet of shuttle buses and coaches in Macao. Complimentary shuttle bus service is provided to the public to and from other hotels on the Cotai Strip, Macao Peninsula, the ferry terminals, Macau International Airport, and all mainland China border gates every 10-15 minutes daily.

Visa policy & procedures

Macao offers visa free entry for nationals from more than 70 countries, which are:

  1. Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Croatia, Czech, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania and the United Kingdom for a stay up to 90 days;
  2. Albania, Nationals of Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Malaysia, Monaco, Montenegro, Namibia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Samoa, San Marino, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, the United States of America and Uruguay for a stay up to 30 days;
  3. Brunei for a stay up to 14 days;
  4. The following holders can use their valid passport or travel documents to enter Macao
    • Holders of “Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card” or “Hong Kong SAR Re-entry Permit”; Valid “Hong Kong Identity Card”
    • Nationals of China with valid Macao entry/depart documents
    • Holders of Consulate / Diplomatic documents issued by the Macao SAR or Hong Kong SAR;
    • Holders of Diplomatic Passport;
    • Holders of “Laissez Passer” issued by the United Nations; in the course of duty;
    • Holders of travel documents issued by the Portuguese authorities for foreign citizens.

All visitors must hold a valid passport or travel document, and note that the validity of this document must not be less than 30 days from the date of entering Macao.

The above information is for reference only. For further information on entry formalities, please contact your local embassy/consulate. If delegates want to travel to mainland China, visas may be obtained at any of the China Travel Service (CTS) offices counters in Macao. Visas can also be obtained at the Gongbei Immigration and Customs (after the Border Gate).

About Macao

World Heritage City

In 2005 the Historic Centre of Macao was officially listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is the oldest, most complete and consolidated array of European architectural legacy standing intact on Chinese territory.

Unique Cuisine

Local cooking in Macao consists of a blend of Cantonese and Portuguese cuisines. Many unique dishes resulted from the spice blends that the wives of Portuguese sailors used in an attempt to replicate European dishes. Its ingredients and seasonings include those from Europe, South America, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, as well as local Chinese ingredients. Typically, Macanese food is seasoned with various spices and flavors including turmeric, coconut milk, cinnamon and bacalhau, giving special aromas and tastes. Famous dishes include Galinha à Portuguesa (Portuguese chicken), Galinha à Africana (African chicken), Bacalhau, Macanese Chili Shrimps and stir-fry curry crab. Pork chop bun, ginger milk and Portuguese-style egg tart are also very popular in Macao.

Gastronomic Diversity

Savor the best the world has to offer, from spectacular international cuisine to delectable local delicacies. When the Portuguese arrived in Asia they brought ingredients and recipes from their settlements in Africa, South America and India as well as from home. These were adapted and combined by the local Chinese to create a truly international cuisine. All tastes and preferences can be satisfied in Macao. Macao also boasts seven Micheling star restaurants.

Shopping Paradise

Get the latest technological gadgets or pick up the newest fashions at Macao’s malls, department stores and boutiques. Go hunting for antiques or get lost in the famous “tendinhas” (open air markets).

World Class Facilities

As Asia’s ultimate meetings destination, Macao provides an unbeatable range of over 22,000 guestrooms from major international hotel brands in addition to over 1.2 million square feet of flexible and versatile meeting and exhibition space in a variety of unique venues with the latest technical options.


Macao is one of the safest cities in the world. One can feel securing wandering the laneways of Macao during day or night. Macao was ranked in 2012 as the safest city in all of China by the China Institute of City Competitiveness.


Being only 18.4 square miles in total area, nowhere in Macao is too far away. Everything is within 20 minutes travel time or less. The compactness of Macao makes travel time short and enables visitors more time to fit everything in!



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