Date: 25 November 2015

Time: 10:30 PM~11:30 PM

Venue: E11, Rm. 1036

Speaker: Mr. Sam LO , Hardware Development Manager, Oracle America, USA

Topic: vlsi and device technologies trend in electronic industry


During the last decade, there is a major expansion in the global Electronic Industry.    The success of mobile electronic, leading by Smartphones, drives a significant growth in new business models and products.    R&D in VLSI also keeps up the innovation to meet business demand.   For example, FinFET, a 3D gate structure, becomes the de-facto device in post-planar MOS era that keeps the Moore’s law going.   The combination of business opportunity and technology advancement has created a very healthy job market for EE students in the last several years.

However, the maturity of smartphone market and emerge of new technologies may change the dynamic of EE industry as well as knowledge demand.   Cloud computing becomes inevitable and the industry is expecting a decade long technology migration, impacting all layers from software, system infrastructure, to chip design.   Internet of Things (IoT) is another opportunity for greater expansion of electronic products.   However it still lacks a mature design standard in software and hardware.

 In this seminar, we will go over the current status of VLSI and Device technology, and discuss the global trend in Electronic products and innovation, covering the topics in new semiconductor devices, Cloud Computing, and Internet of Things.

The lecture is open to the public

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