AMSV-Distinguished Lecture - "Enabling 1A/ns Scale High Frequency Integrated Voltage Regulators "

Date: 27 Jan 2016

Time: 15:30~16:30

Venue: FST, E11- G015

Speaker: Prof.D. Brian Ma, Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas



With ever-increasing operation speed and power density, many contemporary SoCs demand peak currents up to tens of amps with the slew rate on the scale of 1A/ns. These fast, large transient currents incur large output voltage drooping, which induces failed paths and threatens system black-outs. Present voltage regulators combat these challenges by using bulky output capacitor arrays that sum to over 100µF. However, this practice is untenable in the long run, because it has severely limited PCB area and requires fast dynamic voltage/frequency scaling. These challenges have led to great demand for ultra-fast power converters operating at VHF level. In this talk, the speaker presents the research progress on developing VHF, high current slew rate, integrated voltage regulators (IVRs) as well as their applications, from the perspectives of system architecture, control and circuit design.


Brief Biography

D. Brian Ma is Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair Associate Professor at University of Texas at Dallas. He was a faculty with University of Arizona from 2004 to 2010. Focusing on developing core technologies for high performance power management ICs, Prof. Ma’s scholarly products include 1 book, 3 book chapters, 5 patents, over 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and over 100 international speaking engagements. He is a recipient of Analog Devices Professorship (2004-2008), TxACE Chair Professorship (2010 to 2012), and Erik Jonsson Distinguished Chair Professorship (2012 to now). He received National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2009. Prof. Ma is also the recipient or co-recipient of several Best Paper Awards from IEEE technical societies.


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