How Future Mobility Meets IT: Embedded Cyber-Physical System Designs Revisit Semiconductor Technology

State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI: IEEE SSCC Distinguished Lectures

How Future Mobility Meets IT: Embedded Cyber-Physical System Designs Revisit Semiconductor Technology


Date: 27 Jun 2016

Time: 09:30am~10:40am

Venue: N21-G013, Research Building Lecture Hall

Speaker: Dr. Hideto Hidaka (IEEE SSCS Adcom), Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Renesas Electronics Corp

Language: English



In the modern automotive technology where Control (on mobility/energy in physical-world) meets IT (by information in cyber-world), we explore every capability of efficiency /performance /cost based on existing technology, with newer system challenges. Essential new sub-system technologies triggered by functionality requirements over physical through cyber systems include; security, functional safety, sensing, and connectivity etc.

On top of these sub-system technologies shared with motor-control, Industry 4.0 by M2M, and trillion sensory systems by IoT, a new challenge for 2030 should be the extensive system-wide knowledge and design through the physical and cyber systems (CPS) in coordinated ways in order to better use variety of existing semiconductor technology. On the other hand the system design should consider different physical/human system behaviors, for instance, in auto (instant mobility, idle, shut-down) and motor control in industry (constant mobility, 24/7/365 operations) applications.

In this talk the speaker re-evaluates Si design/technology capabilities and limitations in each of the key sub-system technology for personalized mobility and IoT into an agenda plan for 2030. Also issues in multi-system design, triggering innovation, R&D funding, and education are addressed in view of the roles taken by government/academia/industry.

Biography of speaker:

Hideto Hidaka earned the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electronic engineering from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. In Mitsubishi Electric, Renesas Technology, and Renesas Electronics he has been engaged in the research and development of high-density, application-specific, and embedded aspects of DRAM technology and circuits, embedded-flash memory for MCU, embedded non-volatile memory technology, and related technology platforms and analog IPs for MCU and SOC products.

Since 2005 he and his team have created the world's first split-gate embedded SONOS flash memory for MCU products at 90 nm technology node, which changed the MCU technology trend for automotive applications in performance, power, and reliability advantages. He led this development into market dominance to make a de-facto standard in MCU applications, which was followed by successful 40 nm and 28 nm SONOS-eFlash development. He has consistently led the MCU technology and business strategies enabling the world's No.1 MCU market share position by Renesas Electronics now, where he was responsible for R&D in all the embedded non -volatile memories and technology platforms for MCU products. He is now the Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer at Renesas Electronics Corp. responsible for all the corporate R&D activities.

He has authored and co-authored more than 60 journal papers and conference papers, as well as 293 US patents and 193 Japanese patents issued. He was a visiting scientist at the Media Laboratory, MIT, in 1987–88, and he has been a lecturer for a graduate course at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, in 2013–2015 Dr. Hidaka has served on program committees of technical conferences: ISSCC by the Memory Subcommittee Chair, Program Committee (ITPC) Vice-chair and Chair (2012), as well as A-SSCC, ICICDT, VLSI-TSA, IEICE-ICD, and ICDV. He is a member of the IEEE SSCS Adcom, an Associate Editor of JSSC, a Steering Committee member of Trans. VLSI Systems, an advisory board member for the IEEE SSCS Magazine, and Chair of IEEE-SSCS Kansai Chapter. He is an SSCS Distinguished Lecturer in 2015–2016.


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