4-Day Lecture "Secure by design IoT Endpoint device" By Professors from University of Minho, Portugal.

AMSV Distinguished Lecture  on Secure by Design IoT Endpoint Device”

Date :    14 May 2018  to 18 May 2018
Time:     11:00am~12:30pm; 14:30pm~16:00pm
Venue:    N21-G013, G/F, Lecture Hall, Research Building, University of Macau



The speakers are:

Professor Joao Monteiro, Full professor, University of Minho, Portugal.

Professor Adriano Tavares, Associate Professor, University of Minho, Portugal.

Professor Sandro Pinto, Invited Assistant Professor, University of Minho, Portugal.




The Lecture is:  Secure by Design IoT Endpoint Device


Present and discuss the full technology stack of an IoT endpoint devise, the way it is conceived and designed at ESRG-UMinho.  Identify main technologies at each layer, addressing not only functional technology as well as design-flow and automation technology to help tackling security and safety standards. Following this class, we'll focus on the theoretical and practical implementation of each identified technology as being developed at ESRG-UMinho.

5-day Lectures Topics
1) Safe and secure virtualization-assisted layer based on TrustZone technology.
2) Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration technology for offloading critical functionalities to Liquid Silicon (e.g., FPGA) in order to improve performance, while improving security through diversity.
3) Design of a custom task-aware multithreading processor based on ARM ISA.
4) Model-based design-flow automation of each stack layer through automate modeling, configuration and integration, while promoting cross-layer interoperability.


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