SKL AMSV / IME Distinguished Lecture by Dr. LUN Zhao-Rong, Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University

The University Lecture on “Biology and Reliable Detection of Human and Animal Parasitic Protozoan” will take place as follows:

Date: 11 April 2019 (Tursday)

Time: 10:00am - 12:30am

Venue: N21-G013, Lecture Hall, Research Building, University of Macau


The speaker is:

Dr.  LUN Zhao-Rong, Professor, Sun Yat-Sen University


The Lecture is:

Biology and Reliable Detection of Human and Animal Parasitic Protozoan



Many parasitic protozoa can infect humans and animals and cause severe diseases in their hosts. Among them, malaria caused by Plasmodium species, African sleeping sickness caused by Trypanosoma gambiense and T. rhodesiense, and leishmaniasis caused by Leishmania species, trichomoniasis caused by Trichomonas vaginalis are the diseases highly influence the public health globally. Although we have made significant contribution in control of these parasitic diseases by treatment of the infected individuals and blocking the way of their transmission, a lot of problems are still needed to be solved before they are eliminated from our planet. Of them, reliable methods for the detection of pathogens from the infected hosts including humans and animals are highly depended. In my presentation, I will discuss the biology of the medical and veterinary importance parasitic protozoa and the current diagnostic methods for these organisms which may provide useful information to the participants who are interested in this field.



Dr. Zhao-Rong Lun received his MSc and PhD degrees in Zoology/Parasitology from Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China in 1982 and 1989 respectively. He then worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel from 1990-1992. After his first postdoctoral training in Switzerland, he moved to the University of Toronto with an Award of the Outstanding International Young Scientist from NSERC of Canada for his second postdoctoral training. Later, he worked as a Research Scientist in Canadian Food Inspect Agency and a Research Officer in the Medical College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Dr. Lun has been selected as a Professor by School of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University and the Director of the Center for Parasitic Organisms since 2002. He is most interested in the gene function, co-evolution, epidemiology and diagnosis of medical and veterinary important parasitic protozoa particularly trypanosomes, leishmania, Toxoplasma gondii, Trichomonas and Giardia and has published more than 200 papers in the academic journals including The Lancet Infectious Diseases, PNAS, Nature Communications etc.


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