State Key Lab of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI pass mid-stage assessment with flying colours

State Key Laboratory of Analog and Mixed-Signal VLSI (AMS-VLSI Lab), have passed their mid-stage assessment with flying colours. The expert assessment team said that our lab successfully met the mid-stage targets in research direction and personnel training.

The mid-stage assessment meeting followed the instructions made at the seventh meeting of the Mainland-Macao Science and Technology Cooperation Committee and was held by the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR. It was hoped that the assessment could benefit the labs’ future development. The expert team from mainland China was led by Yan Xiaolang, who oversaw the assessment of the the AMS-VLSI Lab. Following on-site visits and assessment meetings, the team leaders recognised the labs’ achievements and agreed that they should pass the mid-stage assessment.

Prof Yan noted that it was important and correct to make analog-to-digital converters, wireless ASIC, and bio-medical IC the main research areas. He also praised the lab for its effective implementation of the established plan, team building, and collaboration measures.

UM Vice Rector (Research) and AMS-VLSI Lab Director Prof. Rui Martins thanked the expert team for their comments and advice, saying that UM will continue to improve the software and hardware aspects of the labs, and make good use of the new campus to achieve better results and make greater contributions to the moderate diversification of Macao’s economy.