UM wins most prizes at Macao Science and Technology Awards twice in a row


The Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR has released the name list of the recipients of the Macao Science and Technology Awards 2014. The University of Macau (UM) became the first research institution in Macao to win most prizes at the award twice in a row.

Of the 14 prizes presented this year, UM scholars won all the prizes in the Technological Invention Award category, two second prizes and two third prizes in the Natural Science Award category. Some members of the evaluation committee noted that UM has reached international level in research in Chinese medicine and microelectronics, with some good results in environmental protection research as well.

The evaluation committee conducted strict evaluation of 41 projects in accordance with the Regulations on Awards for the Development of Science and Technology. And after a voting process, the evaluation committee suggested that 14 prizes should be awarded this year, including three second prizes and three third prizes in the Natural Science Award category, three second prizes and three third prizes in the Technological Invention Award category, as well as one second prize and one third prize in the Science and Technology Progress Award.


Below are UM recipients of the Macao Science and Technology Awards and their projects:




Research Project

Natural Science Award

2nd Prize

Li Yangmin, Xu Qingsong

Novel Parallel Micro-/Nanomanipulator Design and Control

2nd Prize

Leung Chung Hang, Wang Yitao, Lu Jinjian, Chen Meiwan, Chen Xiuping

Modulation of biological targets involved in cancer development by Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural products

3rd Prize

Pun Chi Man, Zhou Yicong, Philip Chen Chun Lung, Tang Yuanyan,  Chen Long

Technologies for Feature Analysis and Multimedia Security

3rd Prize#

Lei Kam Peng, Wang Zhishi

Ecological Accounting of Limited System: Principle and Practice

Technological Invention Award

2nd Prize

Mok Kai Meng, Yuen Ka Veng, Hoi Ka In, Tam Sik Chung

Air Quality Modeling and Forecasting in Macao

2nd Prize

U Seng Pan, Sin Sai Weng, Zhu Yan, Chan Chi Hang, Chio U Fat

Research and Development of Comprehensive and Advanced Data Conversion Platforms in Nanometer CMOS Technology

2nd Prize

Mak Pui In, Law Man Kay, Rui Paulo da Silva Martins

Analog and Radio Frequency Microelectronics Turn-Key Interfaces for Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity

3rd Prize

Dong Mingchui, Fu Binbin, Lei Wai Kei, Ma Jiali, Guo Ran

Pervasive Cardiovascular Health Monitoring and Prognosis Technology and System

3rd Prize

Wang Zhishi

Assessment for city environmental pollution and control strategy of Macao

3rd Prize

Wong Man Chung, Lam Chi Seng

Low-Cost and Low-Loss New Generation Current Quality Compensator (CQC): Design, Control and Application

# The research is accomplished by UM and the Macau Science & Technology Association