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Wireless IC Research Line - PhD

Journals and MagazinesTotal: 1
  1. 1. Chao Fan, Weihan Yu, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, "A 40-Gb/s PAM-4 Transmitter Using a 0.16-pJ/bit SST-CML-Hybrid (SCH) Output Driver and a Hybrid-Path 3-Tap FFE Scheme in 28-nm CMOS", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and systems - I, Dec-2019.
Conference Papers and PresentationsTotal: 1
  1. 1. Chao Fan, Jun Yin, Chee-Cheow Lim, Pui In Mak, R. P. Martins, "A 9mW 54.9-to-63.5GHz Current-Reuse LO Generator with a 186.7dBc/Hz-FoM by Unifying a 20GHz 3rd-Harmonic-Rich Current-Output VCO, a Harmonic-Current Filter and a 60GHz TIA", IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), Digest., pp. 282-283, Feb-2020.